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 Driving Techniques That Gets Results


Learn to drive with an elite driving school in Essendon. Bean Driving School offers high quality tuition for a wide range of students throughout Melbourne. You will learn the best industry techniques that are designed to help you achieve greater confidence and self-awareness on the roads. Our team of professional instructors will guide you through each individual driving task until you feel completely comfortable with each session. Your driving instructor is there as your personal mentor and will teach you a combination of insightful defensive driving techniques; along with valuable hints and tips to make the whole process fun and enjoyable for you to do.


At Bean Driving School, we always aim to listen to your individual needs in order to achieve the best results. We take great pride in delivering quality driving solutions that provides students with a solid foundation of confidence, practical experience and knowledge to drive safely. When it comes to preparing for your driving test, we test your abilities using a unique TEST simulation program. In the test simulation, we will show you the testing criteria that is used by Vicroads. After the test simulation is completed, we will provide you with an honest assessment of your results. This will give you an accurate indication of where you?re at with your driving capabilities.


To book a session with our leading driving school in Essendon, contact Bean Driving School on 1300-131-738 or send an online enquiry to info@beandrivingschool.com.au and we?ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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