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We accept Cash, Visa Card and Mastercard payments on the day of the Driving Lesson and Driving Test.

No Credit Card Service Fees Apply


All Lessons include:

 - Expert tuition who is committed and dedicated.

-  At the end of the each lesson you will be given a Lesson Report and constructive feedback.

 - A proven training program that gets results in a safe and comfortable training enviroment.

 - Complementary Pickup and drop off address at your convenience.

 - You will be driving the full duration of the lesson.



Discount Bundle Package


  •  Savings
  • Convenience
  •  Getting into a habit of reaching your goal.
  • The complete package of consolidating your driving skills.
  • You can customise each lesson to your requirements. For e.g. New Learner or Ready for your Driving Test.



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Terms and Conditions


Specialised Driving Lessons
  1. Introduction/Evaluation Driving Lesson  Duration of Lesson 1 Hour.

The ideal time to take this lesson is when you are starting to take driving lessons, or you driving confidently and


 This lesson will help determine your current driving skills and to formulate a training plan for you.

You will learn the techniques to be a skillful and safe driver.

At the end of each lesson you will be given a Driving Lesson Report and valuable  feedback.

  1. Driving Test Preparation Lesson.  Duration of Lesson 2 Hour.

This lesson will include a Driving Test Simulation. A simulation of the VicRoads drive test. The objective of this lesson for you to be exposed of the driving tasks required in the testing area. You will drive to the location where are going to take your driving test.  This will assist you to familiarise with the  road structure.

You will be fully prepared and you be the shown the critical points of the area.You will be shown the processes and what to expect in the Driving Test. For e.g VicRoads Pre-drive vehicle check

This is great preparation for the driving test or this will help you to make a decsion if further lessons are required.






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Terms and Conditions




Driving Test and Lesson

You will have the confidence knowing that we guarantee our test vehicle will comply with the VicRoads driving test. VicRoads will abort the driving test if the vehicle you are using in the test doesn't comply. For e.g. The Speedometer can't be seen from the driver's seat, or the handbrake cannot be accessed from the passenger seat.

Our Vehicle definately complies for the driving test.  Read More



  • We can help you pass first time.
  •  Solid Preparation before the driving test.
  • You will have the confidence of knowing the Instructor vehicle will comply with the VicRoads Pre -Drive check requirments, before and during your driving test.
  • Sit with an experience driving instructor. Who will support you during your driving test experience.


** Please note this does not include VicRoads driving test and licencing fees.




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Gift Voucher
  •  Ideal Gift.
  •  The value of the voucher can be redeemed to any Bean driving school service.
  •  Minimum Amount $20.00




Terms and Conditions





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