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Driving School Melbourne

Driving School Melbourne

Get Started With Our Accelerated Learning Program

Bean driving school in the Melbourne Area offers the latest Accelerated Training Program for young learner and probationary drivers. Our unique program is designed to help students get more out of each lesson and maximise their learning potential in a shorter period of time. You will not only need fewer lessons, you will also save money in the process. We tailor our training program to suit your individual needs and budget, offering students the advantage of competency-based learning.

At Bean Driving School, our professional driving instructors are knowledgeable in all areas of road safety, road rules and technical skills. We are passionate about delivering high quality lessons that are packed with vital information such as: road safety, road rules and various other driving techniques. When you deal with Bean Driving School, you will be taught a high standard of driving skills to enhance your confidence on the road. Furthermore, you will also have the awareness of potential hazards on the road and know exactly how to respond to them under real life pressure. Let the driving experts guide you in the right direction and get you a pass on your driving test! You can expect to be positively mentored and taught some of the best ?defensive driving techniques? in the industry. Let Bean Driving School guide you in the right direction.

To book a session with our driving school in the Melbourne area, contact Bean Driving School on 1300-131-738 or send an online enquiry to and we?ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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