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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
1. Why should I use a professional driving instructor?

A professional driving instructor has the latest knowledge. The knowledge includes the technical and safety skills. The driving instructor is an excellent resource for the student to learn the skills to be a better, safer driver on the roads.

2. Can you help me pass the driving test?

We teach our students the fundamentals of safe driving. This means correct driving skills. Our students will have the awareness of hazards and know how to respond to them.

We will ensure that you will be comfortable and have the required skills set to drive in any driving condition, including your driving test.

3. Can you pick me up from home and drop me off at work or school?

Yes. We can pick you and drop you off any convenient location.

4. Are the Bean Driving School's vehicles covered with fully Comprehensive Insurance?

Not only the vehicles are covered with fully Comprehensive Car Insurance. Bean Driving School has

Professional indemnity and Public Liability Insurance Cover.

5. How much is to sit for a VicRoads driving licence test?

VicRoads website will have the latest fees.

6. When I book the Driving test and lesson, do I also need to make an appointment with VicRoads for the driving licence test?

You will also need to make a booking for the driving test with VicRoads. To make an online

booking appointment for a Hazard Perception test and driving test select the following

VicRoads link.

7. Where do I find information about the Hazard Perception Test?

Need to visit the VicRoads website. You will be directed to the Hazard Perception test page.

You can practise the Hazard Perception test. You can access a Online Hazard Perception

Simulation test. (Register Here). This will assist with your driving training.

It is recommended that you have at least 40hrs supervised driving hours.

8. How do I make my driving lesson booking?

You can either contact our customer services team on 1300 131 738 or you can

conveniently prepay your lesson on the Online Shop Page. You don’t need to carry any cash if you prepay online. You be would be able to request your preferred date and time. You can also arrange pickup and drop off points.

9. What are demerit points?

Please see the following information from the Vicroads website link.

10. I have turn 16 years old. How do I get my Learner's Permit?

First you will need to learn the Victorian Road Laws. You will need to read the
Road to Solo Driving handbook.

You then must sit for a Learner’s Permit test at Vicroads Service centre.
See Vicroads website for further information.

11. What qualifications do your driving instructors have?

Have completed the latest education standards to be a driving instructor.

Certificate IV in Transport and Logistics – Road Transport – Car Driving Instruction).

Also accredited with the keys 2 Drive program. The latest knowledge and skills will be passed on to our students.

12. Do your driving instructors have had Police checks and have Working With Children Checks?

Yes, they are both mandatory.

13. Can a Bean driving instructor assist with international drivers wanting to convert to a Victoria Drivers licence.

Yes. Refer to the VicRoads Website for Information.

14. What actually happens in a VicRoads driving test?

Click on the following link to view a VicRoads driving test sample video.

15. Prior booking for the driving test, what else do I need to do?

It is recommended to book in for your Hazard Perception test one month prior to taking the driving license test.

16. Can I have my parent sit with me during a driving lesson?

We encourage our students to have their parent’s or supervising driver to sit with them during the lesson.

17. Is there a restriction of what type of car I am allowed to drive?

Yes, if have a probation Victorian drivers license. The restriction will be lifted when you obtain a full Victorian drivers license. Click the following for a list of VicRoads Probationary approved cars.

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