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What our customers say

Mark is a fantastic driving instructor. He was my third driving instructor over the last ten years (after a few half-hearted attempts at learning to drive). Of all my instructors, I felt the most comfortable with Mark, and we were able to go from my first lesson to passing the test within three months.

As an older learner, I found that Mark was able to calm my anxieties around driving, which were high at the beginning. He knew how to balance reassurance with direct feedback, and gently pushed my comfort zone when he thought I was ready. His teaching style included very practical worksheets and a whiteboard to understand the theory. Every lesson ended with a takeaway report on things to focus on, which was useful.

He had a really good understanding of the Deer Park test area and I went in with confidence for my driving test, passing the first time.

Prices were very reasonable and he was very transparent about how many lessons might be required, never pushing me to do more than he thought necessary.

Can highly recommend 👍

I highly recommend Mark as an instructor. He is such a good teacher - knowledgable, patient, calm, well organised and very professional. I liked the lesson feedback sheets to keep track of progress and what to work on. Both my kids had their driving lessons and P's test with Mark and passed on the first try. Thank you Mark. You made the whole experience a lot easier!

Mark is a great driving instructor. He speeds up or slows down the learning process depending upon how well you're doing. I needed a quick lesson before my driver's test and so he took me around all the areas around the test centre and tested me on all the things that I could encounter during the driver's test. I was able to pass my driver's test thanks to him!

I strongly recommend Bean Driving School. Mark is an excellent instructor and communicator. He broke down core concepts in such a clear and methodical fashion, making otherwise daunting tasks feel easily achievable. Mark's knowledge of the VicRoads test itself and the area were invaluable. Passed the test on my first attempt - thanks Mark!

Had a fantastic experience learning here. Instructor was attentive, straight to the point and easy to understand.

Today I passed my license on my first go thanks to Mark Bean Driving School. When I first started, I was nervous about everything driving related and had no idea what I was doing. Mark was very welcoming and eased my uncertainty. He explained to me very clearly how driving works, and over time with repetition of Marks teaching, I became a much more confident driver. If it wasn't for Marks ability to teach driving, I'm not sure I would have gotten my license. It has been an absolute pleasure driving with Mark and cannot recommend him enough. Thank you.

Couldn't recommend Bean driving school enough. Mark is a great teacher and full of knowledge. He eased my nerves behind the wheel and is incredibly patient and cleat with instructions. Always looked forward to the lessons and felt noticeable improvement in my driving lesson to lesson. His lesson review sheets provide you with an easy way to understand way to track your progress. With his support I was able to pass my test first time.

Mark is a patient and professional driving instructor. He helped me to become a more confident driver, and to pass my test in Carlton. His lessons have always been on time and comfortable. The reports are also helpful to reflect upon and I didn't get that from other instructors. Highly recommended!

Mark is an excellent instructor very patient and understanding. I suffer major driving anxiety and I felt so comfortable being in the car with him and thanks to him I passed my driving test today first try so thank you mark. I would highly recommend him to anybody he taught me everything I needed to know to be a safe, knowledgable and confident driver on the roads.

Thank you to Mark I was able to pass my driving test on my first attempt. I strongly recommend using Mark’s service as he is helpful, kind and patient. He made me feel comfortable to drive and in such a short period of time I feel as though I can drive very well, again thank you Mark!!! 🙂

If you're looking for a driving instructor who will go above and beyond look no further! Mark is highly professional with a fantastic driving course that can cater for any driver. He will not only prepare you for the driving test, but also the long road ahead. Punctual, Passionate and an all-round great teacher.

Many thanks to Mark for providing great advice and guidance to both of my newly licensed drivers. We have been very happy with the service you have provided. Great communication at all times together with positive feedback to help the learner drivers improve where improvements were required. We would highly recommend your driving school to others. Thanks again.

Mark was an incredible driving instructor who was able to provide insightful and deep knowledge in a calm and friendly manner. In addition to providing constructive criticism in an easy and digestible manner which allowed myself to successfully correct my mistakes in a stable environment. I would not have been able to achieve my goals without Mark.

Great instructor well knowledge and really good at explaining driving concepts and areas for improvement. Highly recommend.

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Value

I was an adult learner, who's used several different driving instructors. I do have to say, Mark's lessons were incredibly useful with excellent explanations, safety and patience shown throughout.

I was taken step by step through what to expect during the test, which passed, and am very comfortable recommending Mark / Bean driving school to anyone who needs a considerate and professional driving instructor.

Positive: Quality

Mark was an generous, excellent and patient instructor for a nervous 30 year-old driver. I got my Ps first attempt, and have have confidently been driving solo for a few weeks now. Thanks Mark!

Positive: Communication, Professionalism, Quality, Value

I highly recommend Mark, he was a great teacher and responded quickly to messages. He pointed out all the details the testing officer looks for which helped me pass my test the first go! Couldn't have done it without him 🙂

Very patient, clear instructions, and he never gave up on this terrified older driver, so now I have my P’s

Positive: Communication, Professionalism

Couldn't recommend Mark more highly - he was extremely patient and helped both me and my sister pass our driving tests. He is extremely dedicated to his teaching and makes you feel very comfortable.

Learning how to drive is not a simple task, although Mark Bean helped develop my skills with clear instructions and a good sense of humour. Mark presents information to suit everyone’s learning needs, he is always willing to help improve by observing what you are good at and identifying the things that need to be improved on. Mark is calm, patient and puts the learner driver at ease. Mark is a friendly and professional driving instructor who is willing to be there every step of the way. Thank you for helping me get my licence Mark and I strongly recommend you to new learner drivers.

Perfect for anyone needing lessons to start out or in the lead up for your licence ! Professional, very nice and instructive. 100% recommendation as I had a great experience 🙂

Highly recommended Bean driving school, Mark is a amazing instructor. In the 9 hours of driving with mark, I have learnt many things that have improved my driving skills. Mark is very knowledgeable and patient teacher, he also provides clear direction and explanation throughout the lessons. At the end of every lesson mark provides you with a feedback sheet which is a fantastic way to see your growth as a leaner driver.
Today I passed my Ps test and literally would not of done it without marks help. Thank you Mark !!

The perfect instructor for all levels of drivers out there. He's incredibly patient and covers all aspects of driving that are going to help you get a license. He's really thorough with the explanations and always points out your mistakes so that you wont make them again. And always before time so you can actually get extra minutes of learning. The rates are also reasonable when compared with other instructors out there.

I would highly recommend Mark to everyone wanting to learn to drive as he is very punctual, genuinely lovely, knowledgeable and very tolerant. He really cares about you passing the test, he picked my faults straight away and works hard to brush on my skills to ensure I perfect my driving. I felt very comfortable with him instantly. I did 3 hours of lessons plus 3 extra the day of the driving test and I passed the test. Thanks for everything!

Couldn't recommend Mark enough! He is an awesome driving instructor that helped me pass my driving test the first time. I learnt so much completing my many lessons with him and felt very safe. I have improved heaps from these lessons and couldn't have done it without Mark's patience, guidance and knowledge. I am now a much more confident driver and very grateful for Mark. Thank you!

I couldn't recommend Mark as a driving instructor highly enough!!

He is a true professional and is a fantastic teacher, his methods are fool proof!
He teaches you in a calm, down to earth manner that makes you feel very relaxed and comfortable at the wheel but also teaches you in a way that builds up your confidence and so you learn all the road rules and feel confident driving on the road.

Mark gives you a detailed driving report after every lesson which is also very helpful. I passed my test on my first attempt all thanks to him

Thank you Mark!!!

I couldn't recommend Bean Driving School more.

I am slightly older and still hadn't gotten my license. I was very reluctant to learn, due to some anxieties about being on the road. Through the recommendation of friends I plucked up the courage to learn with Mark, and I am so grateful to him and his approach.

Mark is friendly, funny, professional, and astute in his teaching style.
More so, as a female I felt very safe in his presence.

He has empowered me majorly, and I now feel cautious yet competent to drive.

Mark was an amazing driving instructor! Had him for a few lessons and the driving test which ultimately went great! He also clarified everything required for the test and helped refine my driving techniques. The marking sheets provided at the end of each lesson were also very useful in outlining what skills needed improvement! Could not of asked for a more helpful and supportive driving instructor!!

I did driving lessons here and it was fantastic. I wasn’t confident before I started and came out feeling much better. Mark was awesome and I cant thank him enough 🙂

I had a total of 5 lessons with Mark, including a pre-driving test run through and he accompanied me on my driving test which I passed on the first go. I would not have been able to do this without his expertise and credit a lot of my ability to drive confidently and safely immediately after acquiring it, to his excellent teaching. I thoroughly benefitted from the time he takes to explain and constructively critique your driving, and always felt I was able to improve based on the clear instructions and advice he provided me. I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking to not only learn to drive, but to be confident in their abilities as a new driver no matter your age or prior experience. Thanks Mark!

I'm thrilled with my experience with Bean Driving School. Mark is an excellent instructor and good guy. I got my license today and am very grateful to him! Highly recommend!

Mark was an amazing mentor. At around 120 hours I had multiple lessons, all of which helped me to improve my technical skills with my driving so that id be prepared for the test. Due to this i passed with flying colours and could not be happier. Mark is tough at times but in the end its all to get information stuck so that it becomes second nature.
Appreciate the efforts!

Mark was the best instructor I’ve ever had . I’ve been on my learners for cars since I was 18 and I’m now 35 … my anxiety about driving a car was astronomical. Mark was very reassuring and kind . He is highly professional and calming . I was so happy to finally get my license .. I may of shed a little tear 🙂

Highly recommend Mark as a driving instructor! He has great technical knowledge, gives clear explanations, and makes you feel relaxed and confident as a driver. I could not have been happier with my experience. I felt that my needs for learning were cared for and considered important. I was well prepared technically and mentally before my driving test and passed thanks to Mark's wonderful teaching - thank you Mark!

I've experienced three different driving schools so far, and none could beat the value in teaching given by Mark. Very professional, and beneficial.

I would recommend Mark to anyone. I was very nervous before my first lesson and he put me at ease straight away. He is very professional and very thorough in the way that he teaches yet a very easy going funny guy. I had 10 lessons and passed my test first time. I never thought this would be possible in a million years. I’m only a few days into having my license and I absolutely LOVE it. Get that first lesson booked and you won’t look back. 5*’s from me.

I highly recommend Mark as a driving instructor. He has been so constant and really dedicated instructor, easing my anxiety and always providing positive encouragement. I’m proud to say that after a lot of anxiety I passed my driving test with flying colours! Thank you so much Mark for your patience, you have been such a great person to guide me through this process and I recommend you so highly!

Will be sending all my friends as well!

Having to go through the process of a driving test again, almost 20 years after I passed my last driving test was daunting to say the least. But from the first moment that I spoke with Mark, who offered advice on when and where to book a test, as well as important information about the driving test conditions – all before I had even committed to one lesson – I knew that I had found the right person. Mark was very patient and encouraging and balanced this perfectly with advice on how to improve my driving. On the day of the test he was calm and collected and could see that I needed a bit of help to be calm too, he did this in a lovely way of just talking to me and before I knew it I was enjoying the drive. The test was exactly as he had described it and I was very well prepared, thanks to his comprehensive preparation. I would recommend Bean Driving School to anyone who wants to ensure that they are well prepared for their test. Not only will you pass, but you will find yourself a far better driver, thanks to Mark's teaching.

What can I say. Mark Bean's a legend. He's a very down to earth, genuine and easy to relate to bloke who has the sole intention of assisting his students so that they can be successful in passing the driving test. Mark is also highly knowledgeable about the current road laws and the specific intricacies pertaining to driving which are absolutely necessary to take into account in order to obtain your P plates. A few lessons with Mark should do the trick as he is highly comprehensive in the advice he proposes to you and will review the session by detailing what you, as an individual, can improve on come the end of your lesson with him. Mark also hands you a criteria sheet with your personal strengths, weaknesses and areas to improve on at the end of the test which mirrors the actual VicRoads driving test criteria sheet. I personally found these criteria sheets to be highly useful and extremely helpful. Ultimately, look no further than Mark Bean at 'Bean Driving School Melbourne' if you want to acquire your P plates with ease on your first attempt at the driving test; as I did. Good on ya' Mark!   Keep it up mate!

Just wanted to thank you again for your patience and guidance with helping me get my licence. It is a huge relief to have my licence in time for my job on Monday. I've really appreciated all your advice after each lesson on what I need to improve on and felt well prepared for my test. I feel I am far more confident driver as a result. All the best Alana.

I only had a couple of lessons with Mark before my drivers test but that was all I needed as he had enough time to tech me all the tricky and technical components of driving the testing officers would look out for. He was very friendly, easy to talk to and he was able to answer all the questions I needed to allow me to pass my test on the first try!

I have been through three different driving instructors, my final one being Mark from Bean Driving School. I felt completely comfortable with him and his ability to teach me what i needed to know to be a competent driver and pass my test. Mark takes all his clients seriously and genuinely wants them to pass. During each session Mark would assess me and give me a marking sheet of where i need improving. I only had 3 sessions with Mark and passed on my first go. HIGHLY recommend him.

Just got my P's today and I didn't lose a point. there is no way i would have got this result without the lessons i got from Mark.


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