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What our customers say

What can I say. Mark Bean's a legend. He's a very down to earth, genuine and easy to relate to bloke who has the sole intention of assisting his students so that they can be successful in passing the driving test. Mark is also highly knowledgeable about the current road laws and the specific intricacies pertaining to driving which are absolutely necessary to take into account in order to obtain your P plates. A few lessons with Mark should do the trick as he is highly comprehensive in the advice he proposes to you and will review the session by detailing what you, as an individual, can improve on come the end of your lesson with him. Mark also hands you a criteria sheet with your personal strengths, weaknesses and areas to improve on at the end of the test which mirrors the actual VicRoads driving test criteria sheet. I personally found these criteria sheets to be highly useful and extremely helpful. Ultimately, look no further than Mark Bean at 'Bean Driving School Melbourne' if you want to acquire your P plates with ease on your first attempt at the driving test; as I did. Good on ya' Mark! Keep it up mate!

Just wanted to thank you again for your patience and guidance with helping me get my licence. It is a huge relief to have my licence in time for my job on Monday. I've really appreciated all your advice after each lesson on what I need to improve on and felt well prepared for my test. I feel I am far more confident driver as a result. All the best Alana.

I only had a couple of lessons with Mark before my drivers test but that was all I needed as he had enough time to tech me all the tricky and technical components of driving the testing officers would look out for. He was very friendly, easy to talk to and he was able to answer all the questions I needed to allow me to pass my test on the first try!

I have been through three different driving instructors, my final one being Mark from Bean Driving School. I felt completely comfortable with him and his ability to teach me what i needed to know to be a competent driver and pass my test. Mark takes all his clients seriously and genuinely wants them to pass. During each session Mark would assess me and give me a marking sheet of where i need improving. I only had 3 sessions with Mark and passed on my first go. HIGHLY recommend him.

Just got my P's today and I didn't lose a point. there is no way i would have got this result without the lessons i got from Mark.

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